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Geocentrix ReWaRD - Embedded retaining wall design

Latest releases of Geocentrix ReWaRD

ReWaRD 2.8 Release 0

  • Release date: 23rd August 2019
  • Downloads: setup program / release notes
  • Eligibility: customers with active ReAssurance

ReWaRD 2.8 is currently in beta testing and is NOT supported by Geocentrix.

ReWaRD 2.7 Update 9

  • Release date: 1st October 2019
  • Downloads: setup program (password needed) / release notes
  • Eligibility: customers with ReAssurance ending after 01/10/2019

ReWaRD 2.7.9  is currently supported by Geocentrix

ReWaRD 2.7 Update 8

  • Only available to customers with ReAssurance
  • Release date: 24th March 2016
  • Downloads: setup program (password needed) / release notes
  • Eligibility: customers with ReAssurance ending after 24/03/2016


To be able to run ReWaRD, you need a ReAssurance agreement that expires after the release date of the software. If not, you will need to install an earlier release of the program which pre-dates the expiry of your ReAssurance. If your ReAssurance has lapsed, please contact us by email to renew.

Upgrading from ReWaRD 2.7 to 2.8

For ReWaRD 2.7 customers with Software ReAssurance, ReWaRD 2.8 is a FREE upgrade from version 2.7.

For ReWaRD customers without Software ReAssurance, ReWaRD 2.8 is a paid-for upgrade. Please see our 'How to purchase' page for pricing.

The new version requires a different licence number to be activated. Please follow the instructions given in this technical note to upgrade. You can run ReWaRD 2.7 and ReWaRD 2.8 on the same computer using different licence numbers.

Further information about ReWaRD 2.7 can be found here.

ReWaRD 2.7

Release notes for ReWaRD 2.7 are available here.

ReWaRD 1.0-2.5

Information about older versions of ReWaRD can be found here.

Latest Sentinel Runtime Environment (device drivers)

Please visit the this page.

If you are upgrading from ReWaRD 2.x to ReWaRD 2.8...

Things to do before installing Repute 2.8:

Frequently asked questions

Please visit the program's FAQs page for further help


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