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Geocentrix ReWaRD - Embedded retaining wall design

ReWaRD 2 Quick-Start Guide, User and Reference Manuals

Quick-Start Guide

The ReWaRD 2 Quick-Start Guide includes three tutorials that show you how to use the main features of ReWaRD. Each tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to drive the program. The tutorials increase in difficulty and are designed to be followed in order.


  1. Introducing ReWaRD 2.7
  2. Tutorial 1 - cantilever wall in sand
  3. Tutorial 2 - propped wall in stiff clay
  4. Tutorial 3 - cofferdam in mixed soils


ReWaRD 2.7 Quick-Start Guide
(version 2.7.0, 1.1 MB)

A printed copy of ReWaRD's Quick-Start Guide is provided with the program.

Cover of Repute User Manual

User Manual

The ReWaRD 2 User Manual explains how to use ReWaRD. It provides a detailed description of the program’s user interface, based on a multi-windowed design centred on the Stockyard and multiple Workbooks.


  1. Documentation
  2. Overview
  3. Menu Bar and Toolbar
  4. The Stockyard
  5. The Workbook
  6. Reports
  7. Wizards
  8. Program Options


ReWaRD 2.7 User Manual
(version 2.7.0, 8.6 MB)

ReWaRD 2.5 User Manual
(version 2.5.19, 809 kB)

A printed copy of ReWaRD's User Manual is provided with the program.

Cover of Repute Reference ManualReference Manual

The ReWaRD 2 Reference Manual gives detailed information about the engineering theory that underpins ReWaRD’s calculations. The manual assumes you have a working knowledge of the geotechnical design of embedded retaining walls, but provides appropriate references for further study if you do not.


  1. Documentation
  2. Earth pressures
  3. Required embedment
  4. Structural forces
  5. Peck's envelopes
  6. Base stability
  7. Displacements
  8. Durability
  9. Safety factors
  10. Engineering objects
  11. References


ReWaRD 2.7 Reference Manual
(version 2.7.0, 1.2 MB)

ReWaRD 2.5 Reference Manual
(version 2.5.5, 348 kB)

A printed copy of ReWaRD's Reference Manual is provided with the program.

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