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Geocentrix Repute - Onshore pile design and analysis

Repute 2.5 field test - closed

Repute 2.5 - onshore pile design program

The field test for Repute 2.5 is now open. This new version of the program includes:

  • New - multi-threaded boundary element engine, up to 100x faster than before
  • New - support for spun piles and micropiles
  • New - Action Import Wizard
  • New - Pile Group Import Wizard
  • New - ability to select which sections and materials appear in the Stockyard
  • New - support for BS 8004:2015
  • New - direct support for rock within the boundary element analysis
  • Improved - Pile Group Wizard now supports a wider range of pile types
  • Improved - greater distinction between different calculations in the Stockyard
  • Improved - updated Quick-Start Tutorial
  • Improved - support for using the program across wide area networks
  • Improved - numerous other minor improvements


Please note that this is pre-release software and it will contain bugs and errors. Do NOT use Repute 2.5 for design purposes at this stage. Geocentrix accepts no responsibility for your use of this pre-release software.

Important - When you first run Repute, you will need to register it. Please click on the 'Licence Registration' button on the program's Licence tab. Change the product to 'Repute 2.5 - Trial Edition' and click OK

Development releases

Things to do before installing Repute 2.5

  • Step 1 - update your existing copy of Repute 2.0:
    • Download and install Update 22 before installing Repute 2.5 (you will need the password supplied by Geocentrix to do so)
    • This will ensure that Repute 2.0 and 2.5 can run on the same computer without interfering with each other
  • Step 2 - update your licence key:
  • Step 3 - download and install Repute 2.5:

Release candidates (publicly available)

Beta releases (available to ReAssurance customers/official testers only)

  • Repute 2.5.0 (Beta 3): 26/07/2017, Build 17055 | release notes
  • Repute 2.5.0 (Beta 2): 23/06/2017, Build 17054
  • Repute 2.5.0 (Beta 1): 01/06/2017, Build 17053 | release notes | Quick-Start Guide | Reference Manual

Alpha releases (to internal testers only)

  • Repute 2.5.0 (Alpha 3): 30/05/2017, Build 17052
  • Repute 2.5.0 (Alpha 2): 26/05/2017, Build 17051 | release notes | Quick-Start Guide
  • Repute 2.5.0 (Alpha 1): 25/05/2017, Build 17042 | Quick-Start Guide


Geocentrix welcomes your feedback on Repute 2.5 and suggestions for improvement. Please send all comments (favourable or unfavourable!) to Please format the subject line of your email as follows:

Repute 2.5 <build number> - bug/suggestion: <brief description>


Repute 2.5 Build 17042: bug - assertion error when program is shut down via File > Exit command
Repute 2.5 Build 17042: suggestion - use different pictures on toolbar for different Wizards

Thank you for your interest in Repute!


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