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Geocentrix Renown- Offshore pile design with API RP2A

Renown benchmarks

Benchmarks for Renown

As part of our quality assurance programme for Renown, we have performed a series of benchmark tests against independent calculations design for the task or reported in the Literature.

For each test, we provide:

  • A brief description of the pile being studied
  • Reference to the benchmark publication (if appropriate)
  • Results from Renown, together with the project file used to obtain them
  • A summary of the key results from the benchmark
  • Discussion of the test results

A list of the benchmark tests that are currently available is given on the right.

A printable summary of all these benchmarks is available in Adobe PDF format is available on request.

Benchmark tests

  • Test Case 1 - Pile in clay
  • Test Case 2 - Pile in sand
  • Test Case 3 - Commentary method
  • Test Case 4 - Skin friction/bearing pressure limits
  • Test Case 5 - Clay scour
  • Test Case 6 - Sand scour
  • Test Case 7 - t-z curve in clay
  • Test Case 8 - Q-z curve in clay

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