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Geocentrix Repute - Onshore pile design and analysis

Repute 1.5's features and benefits

Integrated design environment

Tabbed notebook interface

  • Separate pages for Data Input: Project, Piles, Layers, Loads, and Options

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  • NEW in 1.5! Separate pages for Results: Messages, Report, Graph, and Text

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  • Toolbar gives quick access to commonly-used commands
  • Status bar summarizes key information

Data entry pages

  • clikc to enlargeImproved in 1.5! Simple to use data entry pages with symbols and units specified
  • Change units on-the-fly to suit the way you want to work
  • All data is validated as it is entered

click to enlargeMessages page

  • Displays the results of data validation
  • Displays the result of running the analysis

Report page

  • Built-in web browser
  • Summary reports: input parameters and key results

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  • Detailed reports: pile loads, pile stresses, group stiffnesses, group flexibilites, load-displacement
  • XML and XSLT technology allows reports to customized (as part of technical support service)


Graph page

  • click to expandNEW in 1.5! Fully-customizable graphs - alter line colours, lines weight, titles, axes, etc
  • Available graphs: Load vs displacement, moment vs rotation, and combined
  • Pile layout


  • Pile Group Wizard
  • Licence Registration Wizard


  • Improved in 1.5! Greater control of report and graph printouts
  • Full range of printers supported

Geotechnical capabilites

Calculation engine

  • Calculation engine based on PGroupN v1.5, used under exclusive licence from Geomarc
  • PGroup code used under licence from TRL Ltd
  • Linear and non-linear continuum analysis (full boundary element method solution)
  • Up to 200 piles (more on request with technical support)
  • Up to 50 elements per pile
  • Very lengths, diameters, rakes, and moduli separately for each pile
  • Vertical, horizontal, and moment loading in 2 or 3 dimensions (not including torsion)
  • Hyperbolic soil model, for cohesive and cohesionless soils
  • Multi-layers (homogeneous or Gibson profile within each layer)
  • Up to 50 soil layers
  • Fully rigid pile cap
  • Finite or semi-infinite ground profile
  • Pile rake in any direction

Documentation and support

click to downloadUser Manual

  • 50+ page User Manual
  • Background theory and assumptions
  • Comparison with published results from other programs
  • Printed and electronic versions


  • Pile group in clay & sand
  • Non-linear analysis of pile group in stiff clay
  • Asymmetric pile group under 3D loading

Technical Support

  • Free Standard technical support (30 days cover)
  • Service Packs freely available on Geocentrix website
  • Ongoing telephone/fax/email support available with Priority Technical Support (renewable annuallly)

System Requirements

  • IBM® compatible PC Pentium (or higher) processor
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98/Me or 2000/XP
  • Adobe® Acrobat® Reader 5 or later (Acrobat Reader 6 supplied on CD)
  • 20Mb free space on hard disk
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Any printer supported by Windows
  • Mouse or similar pointing device
  • Internet access (optional)

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