Designing an anchor wall

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Designing an anchor wall

Postby 2meter95 » Tue Nov 15, 2011 11:01 am

Dear forum

I am new to ReWard, and would appreciate some assitance in designing an anchor wall.

I keep on getting verious error messages which make little sence to me. My design is as follows:

    Ground level +4.0 m
    Top of wall +2.0 m
    Anchor force 400kN/m at level -1.5 m
    Wall PU 28, 12 m length
    Soil: 20/18 sand (friction angle 35 deg)
    Water level (+0.0/+0.0)

So it should be very simple, but it is not.

First of all, I am not allowed to have different ground levels and wall top levels.
- Sollution: to adjust the ground level to +2 and add a permanent surcharge of 40 kN/m2 on the active side

Then I am not allowed to have an excavation of 0 m. It should be at least 0.5m deep.
-Sollution: to add a favorable surcharge of the passive side of 2.5 m * 20 kn/m3 = 50 kN/m2

I add the anchor force as an "Imposed Sheer Force" in level -1.5m. And get the error "Imposed load is below foundation level".
- Sollution: Unknown

Can anyone assist me in overcomming this hurdle? I would be very greatfull if anyone could provide me a simple expamle of an "anchor wall" calculation in ReWARD 2.5.

Thank you,
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