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Repute 2.0 Update 7

Postby Geocentrix Support » Fri Nov 26, 2010 12:54 pm

Repute 2.0 Update 7 was released on 4th November 2010 and can be downloaded from the program's updates page

Improvements in this release are:

2086 Changes to licence details are not saved when running under Windows 7 with Standard User permissions
2085 Nothing is written to program log when running under Windows 7 with Standard User permissions
2084 Changes to program options are not saved when running under Windows 7 with Standard User permissions
2081 Prevent rigid layer being placed too close to base of longest pile
2075 Provide intermediate PGroupN engine sizes at 1000, 3000, and 5000 degrees of freedom
2074 Automatically expand error messages when added to MessageBoard
2072 PGroupN.exe does not stop executing until end of increment when error occurs
2071 Error 22013
2070 Default units for base and shaft diameters should be mm
2069 List index out of bounds (0)
2068 Program crashes when analysing pile group which has no self-weight
2067 Spelling mistake on load vs displacement graph
2065 Display circumference in section properties
2063 Abnormal program termination when running calculation
2054 Shaft diameter of Augered Pile appears as '-' on Workbook's Pile Group page
2049 Report does not indicate whether calculation is drained or undrained
2048 Undrained strength parameters and stiffnesses are missing from soils report
2034 Access violation when dropping layer onto borehole that already contains that layer
2029 Add ability to set limit of 5000kPa to the end bearing in a Longitudinal ULS calculation
2028 Internal Error: no XML writer has been registered for 'Geocentrix::BearingPressureLimit'
2018 Allow limit to be specified for pile/soil interface stresses in single-pile ULS calculations
2012 Cannot enter threshold values for shaft and base resistance
1981 Error "Cannot create file 'C:\ProgramData\Geocentrix\Repute\MRU.ini' Access is denied" on opening Repute when logged into Windows 7 via Standard account
1931 Important soil properties (undrained strength, Young's modulus, etc.) are not included in the printed report
1822 Strange output when pile spacing to diameter ratio is 1.456
1813 A change to a soil's 'reference depth' appears to make no difference to calculations
1649 Wrong error message when entering invalid (negative) depth for Standing Water Table
1267 Add option to disable (deactivate) a pile or line of piles in a group
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