Bearing Capacity by calculation

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Bearing Capacity by calculation

Postby Jamie Rushton » Thu Jun 07, 2012 3:52 pm

For bearing capacity calculations, EC-7 gives example methods in Annex D. Unfortunately, depth and ground-inclination factors are omitted, as noted in the UK National Annex, and the Decoding Eurocode 7 book.

Where they are needed, is it acceptable to simply apply the old Brinch-Hansen versions (in the drained case)?

The un-drained case is more complex because the Brinch-Hansen formula has additive factors whereas in the EC-7 version the factors are all multiplied. The book has a suggestion for a depth factor, but it only works for Depth<Breadth, and it requires the use of a different Shape Factor from the one given in EC-7. Where we have trench footings in clay soil, or a footing near the edge of a clay slope, is it best to abandon the EC-7 formula and revert to Brinch-Hansen's original, or to use the EC-7 drained method but with a phi' value approaching zero? Alternatively, does anyone know of any references for un-drained dc and gc factors that are compatible with EC-7's un-drained formula?

Thanks in advance
Jamie Rushton
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